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RAMTEJ Publishers (RP) is a premier publishing organization to help entrepreneurs, education institutes and other in their publishing needs with utilizing Advanced Technology, offering Optimal Costs and providing High Quality Output. Promote Education, Culture and Development through publishing the materials that enhance knowhow.

RP extends support to the customers in the following domains:

  • Importance of publishing their work, even small work also matters when it is distributed to the people.
  • Guidance in preparing the material for publication to those who have the lack of properly preparing the content for publication.
  • Intellectual Property rights and their importance by guiding them the necessary steps to take for IP owning/transferring, etc.
  • Negotiating with the sales / distributers in post publication process.
  • Promote the habit of writing articles / reports / booklets / books, etc by organizing awareness events
  • And other related domains, etc.

RP supports its customers in pre-publication, publication and post publication stages to enable them smooth distribution of their work into public or organizations / institutes that are wished by the customer.


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