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 ! Welcome to RAMTEJ Publishers

RAMTEJ Publishers (RP) is a premier publishing organization to help entrepreneurs, education institutes and other in their publishing needs with utilizing Advanced Technology, offering Optimal Costs and providing High Quality Output. Promote Education, Culture and Development through publishing the materials that enhance knowhow.

RP is engaged in the following business activities:

  • Publication of Books, that include literature, science, arts and engineering books, etc.
  • Publication of Reports, that include company annual reports, business reports, NGO annual reports, Government policy reports, etc
  • Publication of Propaganda materials, that include posters, pamphlets, booklets, leaflets, etc
  • Publication of Event materials, which include marriage events, celebrations of school events, company events, etc
  • Publication of notebooks, which include white paper, ruled paper books for education and office purpose, etc
  • Publication of other stationary materials and the related.

RP provides customer oriented business solutions with its high quality services. Pre-production stage (editing, design), Printing stage and Distribution / Delivery stage enable the process to its perfectness.


 !  Publishing Offers
Publication of children books, knowledge books, science books, math books, etc are preferred. ISBN codes also allocated to each book.

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