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RAMTEJ Publishers (RP) is a premier publishing organization to help entrepreneurs, education institutes and other in their publishing needs with utilizing Advanced Technology, offering Optimal Costs and providing High Quality Output. Promote Education, Culture and Development through publishing the materials that enhance knowhow.

List of books / reports / charts published by RP so far.

1. Proceedings of National Conference on Eradicate Poverty through Education
2. Annual Report 2007-08 - National Socio Economic Society
3. Annual Report 2008-09 - National Socio Economic Society
4. Mana Telugu
5. Proceedings of National Conference on Technology Applications for Poverty Elimination
6. Annual Report 2009-10 - National Socio Economic Society
7. Proceedings of 4th National Conference on Engineering and Technology for Society, 2010
8. Mana Telugu - Sumati Sathakamulu
9. Mana Telugu - Vemana Padhyamulu
10. Annual Report 2010-11 - National Socio Economic Society

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Upcoming books are listed below:

1. Basic English Chart
2. Periodic Chart of Chemical Elements
3. Tertiary Land Forms
4. Math Rules & Laws Summary Chart
5. Mana Telugu - Manchimaatalu
6. Brain Buz Math for Children
7. Easy English for Children
8. Short Path to Self Realization - A Scientific Approach
9. Social Ramayanam
10. World Animals
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